In the trenches on capitol hill Bainor and Cruz form rank and file for the war of words.

Bainor ” Hit them with the “You’ll call Iran but you wont call us” that will teach them a thing or two!”

Cruz ” ……Did you not hear me….as I was saying I think that we need to continue to dig and by doing so we will be able to enact our god given rights to continue to not do things to look like were doing things on a regular basis…..”

Bainor ” Keep your heads low they’ve got the leftest media sounding to logical….we need to sound more rational give me more words!!”

Cruz ” ….Bainor if you would listen when I talk I gave you 21 hours…well now it’s 22 as I continue to try and produce more by talking and not acting or taking a course of action because the people need to hear……”

Bainor ” Quick, Reference the Constitution, and duck an cover. No one on that side has read it and will make our escape when the memorials shut down out the back door. They’ll never know what hit them!”

People are out, driving around, enjoying what parks are open, and making plans to eat out, go get drinks, or maybe just get home from work. The normal cares of the world are still at hand and we can’t seem to pull it together enough to present a governing body.

Now that we’ve gotten the people who don’t want to do things out of the way, I feel as though “We the People” need to come up with some check’s and balances for people who don’t want to work for us, even though they have guaranteed their own paychecks.

The reason why I feel like this will work is because the floor no longer exist to bring these things up so the ceiling is our limit. And we built this house, not them.

I’m not sure what to call this Bill to start because normal Bills have a acronym in order to be presented on the floor followed by a number. Not having a floor is perplexing now. So I dont want it called HR or or S. when it goes on the docket if they do decided to return and uphold their “duty”.

A couple of my options are GS Act 2013 for “Government Shutdown Act of 2013″. I also thought about WTP Act of 2013 for ” We The People Act of 2013″. Still trying to think of something catchy…not sure yet.

In terms of the law this is how I’ve outlined it thus far. Obviously allowing for some options to be voted on by we the people.

1. Mandated Term limits – Term limits for all governing officials following a 2 – 4 rotational schedule. The elected official is allotted two terms and then must willingly give up his seat for 4 terms until he can be up for re-election again.

Our presidency has limits, so should our legislative and judicial branches. The unfortunate side of things is when they are open for business, they will not vote to remove themselves or give up their seats. So this needs to happen from a popular vote. Some people argue this will cause instability. The two party’s currently occupying the most seats have a list of other potential candidates they would be willing to move forward in this case. Having a higher rate of turnover for what was founded as a voluntary and revolutionary position is not a bad thing. It will cause the discussions to open up more, allow for new ideas and new initiatives, and if the construct of the message is the same within the party, then they shouldn’t have a problem adjusting to this new format. If they argue against it, it’s because they are stating that things are the way they are because they’ve been that way, or their scared of loosing their power. It will require we, the people, to participate more and watch our candidates closer, but this should be happening if you are concerned with how we are being represented on a larger stage.

2. Pay scale for congress should be tied to the US median income in their state plus cost of living (with adjustments for qualified expenses such as transportation to and from DC).

  • In case of a shutdown and government employee’s are furloughed, congressional checks are suspended. Following the suspension a fine will be levied on the currently sitting House Representative’s as they are the first ones to have to agree upon a budget. The fine will be levied in an incremental value and the funds will be used to help pay furloughed employee’s. If with in 5 days a resolution is not found then the existing members are removed from their seats and a new election is held within 3 days of their removal. They are then subject to the term limit amendment and are unelectable for the next 4 terms.

3. Discharge petitions – Once signed by a majority should bring the bill out of all committees and to the floor for a vote. Once a discharge petition is in place no other committees are allowed to be formed. The vote needs to occur within 24 to 36 hours of discharge. If the bill is within multiple committees only one discharge petition needs to be signed to remove it from all committees. (should stop the stacking of committees)

Currently it moves the bill to the floor but they are not forced to vote on it. The discharge petitions were supposed to do this but since they do not give a deadline or time frame they sit on them and therefore it can be shelved, the idea is to get them to move forward on agreements, not be able to shelve it until it becomes a bigger issue. Deadlines are all something we work within on a daily basis why shouldn’t they.

I think so far the reforms that are in this are not unconstitutional. The people that will say this are the ones who fear loosing power and the ones that are afraid of change.

I feel as though what the House did greatly reflects on the mentality and the issue of entitlement that the country now faces. Some people will work their entire life for a set of beliefs and ideals, others will get everything handed to them because of their situation. The people who work hard, will questions their own selves and find bigger truths about themselves and the world. The people who get everything handed to them, will allow their own ego to cloud their judgement and lead them to answer questions with no foundation except for their own resoluteness.

As we continue to find a way to resolve this issue of non-working paid citizens I push everyone to go out and enjoy this October. If you look at the founding fathers they met in the back of pubs in order to come up with some of these ideas. Maybe will start a new party with all the specials going on in DC!! Cheers!

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